Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Quick One

This blog will be like my lunch today at CiCi's - quick, on the way, and cheap. I have had quite the weekend and week beginning (we tend to forget that Sunday is the start of week, not the end of another).

It started at the end of a hard, but prosperous work week here at camp, preparing for another exciting summer here. On Friday evening, I decided it would be best to let my mind get lost in a story and no one tells stories these days like Pixar. How convenient they should release Up on that day! This movie follows the trend Pixar has taken lately - their movies really aren't children's films anymore. Sure, there are plenty for the kids to enjoy, but their latest films have been such great pieces of art and good story telling that only an adult with the a child's heart can really appreciate how good these films are. I was most impressed with how the film took 4-5 minutes towards the beginning to tell a lifetime of stories with absolutely nothing but images and music to convey all the humor, love, and sadness to be found in them. Most films can't do that even if they were given 2 hours. Andrew Liggitt and I shared our views of the film afterwards and both agreed it is one of their best yet.

On Saturday, I took to filming yet another rules video. I am happy that this is Nathan Walker and Andrew Miller's brain child (although that sounds terribly wrong). I am looking forward to it all coming together once again. It is essentially the only chance I get to make a film of any sort. That day ended with several friends over to watch the Orlando Magic defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers to advance to the NBA Finals! We were so happy, we jumped on the computer and ordered the t-shirt immediately. It has been so enjoyable seeing this team that not many people were giving a chance to win simply take over this last game.

Then today came - Sunday. The day we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. So we did at my church this morning and were reminded in our study of His Word that He is King and will one day rule over the earth. Following church, summer camp began. And all the nervousness about if we're ready or not gets swept away as we greet these excited Early Week campers and once again take on the challenge of presenting to them Jesus Christ and pray that God will change them and us in amazing ways.

There it was. Short, on the way, and cheap. Well, it was free, anyway.

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