Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Surpassing Greatness: Version 4.112....It's Got a New Design

So after much searching, structuring, and general html re-tweaking, I have a look for my site that I am really quite excited about.  I realize the world isn't necessarily beating down the doors of the site to see the musings of my mind.  But for those who do, I trust it will be a pleasant experience.

Here's a few of the new:
  1. Reference links at the top to some of my favorite sites.  No, the "About Nathaniel Miller" link is not one of my favorite sites.  Still like that guy, though.
  2. A nice little Javascript that shows some of my favorite articles on the site.
  3. Links to follow my blog feed, Twitter account, and Facebook account.
  4. A search bar with which to explore the site.  This might be of more use to me than you, but it's there.
 A new site calls for a new article soon.  The working title - "Real Men Cry".  Stay tuned.

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